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After traveling more than two million miles throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and twenty one countries of Europe Bob Winford decided to go home to his native Michigan for a change of pace.

Bob's travels took him to hundreds of churches and schools.  His message was about the importance of getting involved as volunteers in life changing events: projects that would contribute to strengthening families and rebuilding moral conscience.

On his return to Michigan he worked with a young candidate running for a seat in Michigan's House of Representatives.  The candidate won.

When Bob saw the opportunity to get candidates with his same basic beliefs elected his career as a political strategist was launched.  Campaigning was his way to change the face of government to look more like us.

Bob is in demand as a radio talk show guest, lecturer, convention, campaign workshop, and seminar speaker. He has written thousands of campaign brochures and tabloids and produces winning radio and television commercials and documentaries for candidates running for township trustee, city council, county commission, mayor, state representative, state senate, United States Congress and President.

The Bob Winford File

Bachelor of Science, Evangel College

Master of Arts, Eastern Michigan University

Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford Graduate School

Bob was guest speaker aboard the S. S. France, lectured as a member of the International Platform Association for North Dakota State University on "Booze, Dope and Weeds" a teen program dealing on the problems of drug addiction.  Bob conducted another tour, "The High Roads of Europe" which dealt with politics and human relations in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.  During his travels Bob Winford appeared before audiences totaling more than one million.

Bob Winford

attending the

Biannual Leadership Conference at the beautiful Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island

" Pastor John Hagee is one of the greatest preachers of our time."

Bob Winford & Associates

Political Strategist and Consultant

Post Office Box 161 / Grand Blanc, Michigan 48480 / USA

Toll free: 1-800-954-0434


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