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Here at the Speakers Bureau you will meet the most exciting men and women in the business.  Contact one of these speakers for your next event and your audience will come alive with excitement. 


David Racer Convention speaker, Radio personality, former National Campaign Director, Alan Keyes for President
Jim Phillips Author, The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved, Campaign Manager, Rally & convention speaker
Steve Mozena Publisher, Broadcaster, Actor, member Screen Actor's Guild.
Nina May President of Renaissance Women in Washington, D.C. Radio broadcaster, world traveler
James Moffett President of Foundation for Traditional Values, Convention Speaker
Diane Alden Writer, Radio commentator
Marianne Clyde Psychologist Visit her web site www.marianneclyde.com
Bill Federer Author
Aaron Klein Political commentator, President, Web Hosting Company
Linda Kempster Nutrition and Kids
Bill McNutt Political Consultant, Advisor
Neil Eskelin One of America's greatest  motivators.  Available for conventions, inspirational seminars, etc.
Tom Matthes United States Constitution expert, writer, and broadcaster.
Chip Rohlke Political campaign advisor and screen printing source
John Rathbun Evangelist and Campmeeting / Convention speaker.  Available for scheduling
Chuck Colson Former member of the Nixon Administration, Convention Speaker
Billy Graham Evangelist
Alan Keyes Former host of  MSNBC's ``Alan Keyes Making Sense," former Ambassador to the United Nations for Economic Development, Public Speaker.
Oliver North See Oliver North on his new television show "War Stories" on the Fox Television network.  Consult your local TV listings for time and channel.
Warren Drake Pastor


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